Product Carbon Footprint Assessment

Carbon Footprint indicates the total emission volume of CO2 and other greenhouse gas through products’ or service complete/ partial life cycle of manufacture, transportation, consumer use and disposal. Product’s Carbon Footprint can be shown to consumers and purchasers through Carbon Label.

Take one tin of Coca-Cola as an example, its life cycle (value chain) includes 5 sections:

Enhance Your Products’ Carbon Competence
Some countries and regions have already announced voluntary or compulsive Carbon Label System to require their products mark with Carbon Footprint information. At the same time, many international purchasers and brands also begin to require public announcement of products’ carbon footprint information from the supply link. So Carbon Footprint Assessment can help to enhance competence of your products and meet the challenges of Carbon Tariff or Carbon Barrier.

Products Carbon Labels of Some countries And Regions

Process of Carbon Label Assessment and Applying for Carbon Label
F.O. Environment will assess your products’ GHG emissions through their partial or complete life cycle according to your needs, based on GHGP Product Standard, ISO14040/14044 Life Cycle Assessment standard, PAS 2050 Products Carbon Footprint Assessment or ISO 14067.

Based on Carbon Footprint Assessment, F.O. Environment will help you apply to relevant carbon label authorities of different countries or regions for license of Carbon Footprint Label.